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Dairy goat education conference

The 2017 Conference will be on Saturday, February 18th.

Why: The purpose of our annual conference is education! There are always topics for Youth and Adult Breeders and Hobbyists of all types of goats: Dairy Goats, Meat Goats, Fiber Goats, Pet Goats, 4H Goats, Cart Goats, Pack Goats.

When: Saturday, February 18th at Clackamas High School

Time: Registration opens at 8:00 AM, Classes begin at 8:30 AM

Where: Clackamas High School, 14486 SE 122nd Ave., Clackamas, OR  97015   Map

The 2017 Schedule and Speakers is now complete. Download word here. PDF
                  Here is a partial list of topics to be presented:
*Management for Milk Quality and Mastitis Prevention
*Infectious Diseases: CL, CAE, Mycoplasm, Johnees
Artificial Insemination (double session)
Control of Reproduction
Effect of Nutrition on Reproduction
Forages and Grazing - Using Pastures Effectively and Productively
Common Nutritional Problems: Milk Fever, Ketosis, etc
Raising Kids Artificially for Maximum Health and Growth
*Preventative Vaccinations - What, When,and Why
*Activities and Resources for Parents, 4H Leaders, and FFA Advisors
Linear Appraisal - Why Does Function Follow Form (double session)
Cryogenic Handling and Best Practices for Dairy Goat Owners
Understanding PTI, PTA, ETA and Their Impact on Your Breeding Program
DNA Programs Offered by ADGA
Making Goat Milk Soap
Making Goat Milk Soap
Making Lotion with Goat Milk
Adapting and Changing Management with Life Changes
Basic Farm Accounting
Growing Fodder - Pros and Cons
Managing Mud and Manure in Barnyards
Management of Run-off, Erosion and Riparian Areas
DHIA (Milk Test) Training (double session)
Kidding - What to Expect and How to Help
Learn How to Draw Blood and Give Injections
*Microbiology of Cheese-making
Making Mozzarella and Paneer Cheese
Control of Parasites
Raising Goats for Dummies Cheat Sheet - What to Know Before You Start
Adult Showmanship
Mortality Composting - Alternatives to Burial
Question and Answer Session with your ADGA President
Meat Goat Fitting
Meat Goat Showmanship
Selecting a Market Wether
Feeding a Market Wether
Disbudding and Neutering Goat Kids

11:15pm, Thursday 16th: Online Registration is now closed. You can register at the door. We will have a link available for you to access the packet, if you have a phone or tablet with you. We will also have it on a thumb drive you can purchase.

Sorry for the inconvenience. We need to get our paperwork in order. See you Saturday!

Please note:
Last year we tried going GREEN with no printed handout and the feedback was good. So we will continue to save trees and money. Again, when the handout packets are ready and you have registered you will be given a link to the Google doc to access the handouts. You may then download the handouts and bring your own computer, tablet, etc to the conference or print the packet or just print the classes you will be attending. You will still have access to all the handouts for later viewing.

Because of the school’s construction you may not be able to access the internet while in the building so it will be best that you download the handout file before you come or pre-order a USB drive with the packet pre-loaded. Those who register at the door may be able to purchase the handouts pre-loaded on a USB drive for $10.00, limited supply.

Everyone will be given a room locator map and a schedule of classes at check-in.

Lunch plans for this year: Slick’s BBQ will be providing luch for us this year.
The menu will be Pulled Pork or Sliced Beef Brisket sliders, Baked Beans, and Coleslaw or BBQ Mac Salad.
Cost is $12/person
Pre-order only, when you register. NO sales at the door. register now

Attached is a document with a list of a few motels in the Clackamas area. The committee has compiled the list, given a brief summary and distance from the conference. We do not recommend one over the other and can not vouch for their service or the condition of their facility. We havent checked, so do your research to see if there are any newer places that have opened. Let us know and we can update our list!

Event questions for the 2017 conference can be directed to Chris Strickland. nwodga@gmail.com

Last updated: Jan. 14, 2017